If you are seeing this page, it means that a baby is arriving!

Maybe you’re having many questions and living a lot of different and new emotions at the same time. But don’t worry, that’s absolutely normal, mainly if this is your first experience as a parent!

Become a parent is a really long journey, one without an ending. Imagine having a blind date, but this time you know that you’ll certainly find the absolute love of your life! During this nine months, you’ll experience a variety of emotional and physical changes. Some will be emotive and stimulating, while others can be worrying. Whatever happens, be it your first son or not, I’m here to give you assistance, encouragement, security and love. I’ll help to turn your child-birth into a positive experience for you, for your partner and for your baby.

I am Brazilian, mother of 2 and I have lived in Holland – Amstelven since 2007. In addition to Portuguese, I also offer assistance in English and Dutch.

My wish is that every woman could have a birth & postpartum Doula. I say this because, as an expatriate, I felt very lonely and lost during my first pregnancy.

I, along with my professional and personal baggage and maternal experience, have a lot to offer and contribute to this journey from pregnancy to parenthood. 

What is it like to be a Doula in the Netherlands?

What does a Doula do?

What are the benefits of having a Doula?


Due to my training as a Speech Therapist, Doula, Expert in Breastfeeding and Massages, I offer a complete doulage package! I accompany clients from pregnancy to postpartum, including breastfeeding consultancy.

Mind Your Pelvis
A prenatal course that prepares your mind and pelvis for the day of childbirth.
Learn how your pelvis moves to create more room for your baby to come into the world.
Breastfeeding Consultancy
I evaluate the baby's oral cavity and the lingual frenulum and help the mother in latching on and in the best positioning of the baby for breastfeeding.
Bengunk Belly Binding
A traditional Malaysian belly binding method that provides complete abdominal support after childbirth.
Experience a calm, peaceful and confident birth. Learn to surrender to the body's sensations and trust the power of your intuition.
Preparation for birthing
A complete course in preparation for childbirth, including information on the Dutch obstetric system, physiology, stages of labor, breathing, positioning and elaboration of labor.
I offer different types of massage, including massage for pregnant women, lymphatic drainage, relaxing massage.
Laser Therapy
Laser therapy is the application of a laser, with a specific device, to injured points on the body, in order to help with healing and put an end to to the pains.

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